Our services - from small study to Asian trial

iQ is your best partner in the most effective way of conducting clinical study in Asia

Pre-clinical study

Using Taiwan site’s state-of-the-art facilities, we offer you an advance solution for pre-clinical study. Our services guarantee fast turnaround time that will help you make your go/no-go decisions faster while reducing your preclinical study costs.

Regulatory Affairs Consultation

If you are planning to develop your products in Asian countries, we can help you from the first step – searching market trends, until completion of a clinical trial. We have offered a wide range of regulatory consultation with our local know-how.

Fist in Human / Phase I Facility/ Proof of Concept Study

More than 320 phase I studies have been completed by our Taiwanese site since 2004, iQ is a leading CRO/SMO in Taiwan. We are equipped to extensive database of healthy volunteers in rich recruiting environments and employing highly-skilled and experienced staff using disciplined processes to give you the highest accuracy and data integrity. Wide ranges of analysis are available including

In Country Clinical Ceretaker / IND folder

Even if you do not have your branch in target countries, we can act as your local representative ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements governing sponsor-investigators.

Feasibility study / Study start-up activity

Feasibility study helps identifying appropriate countries and investigational sites that provide you the access to patient population required for your study. We can help designing an effective feasibility study through an extensive local network with our local intelligence.


The Study Monitoring Group at iQ Pharma Services consists of well trained and experienced CRAs who conduct site management and monitoring according to the applicable guidelines and laws. They have vast experience in monitoring clinical studies for new pharmaceutical compounds and medical devices. The monitoring services can be precisely conducted base on your requirements.

Data Science/ Medical writing

In order to offer a consistent service from case report form (both EDC/paper) design to the timely release of statistical dataset, data management and statistical group are combined. Having several selections of EDC systems and processing sites, we can offer flexible under your budget.

Our medical writing group can help you produce a wide range of medical or scientific documentation.

Drug Safety/ Medical affaires

Our safety team works closely with CRAs and regulatory team to ensure patient safety to meet regulatory requirements. All AEs and SAEs are followed by timely report in compliance with local authority.

IP Management

We can recommend several logistic/IVRS/IWRS vendors depending on your location and requirements and manage these vendors. For the logistical support, iQ ensures that all your study material is available in time at the designated location. IP is well stored under highly temperature control on each country.

Clinical Trial Rescue Service

You might have encountered operational issue in the course of clinical trial; iQ’s expert can help analyzing the problem and provide corrective action with our local intelligence and work through extensive network of KOL.

Other studies

We can design and conduct various types of studies using our capability. Please contact us for: