iQ Pharma Services (herein after referred to as "iQ") makes it our mission to respect individually, increase loyalty between customers and our employees, and contribute to turn out world class human resources. In regard to privacy protection, iQ shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and shall exercise privacy protection appropriately as per the following our privacy policy.

1. Appropriate acquisition, usage and provision of personal information

iQ shall recognize the importance of privacy protection, and acquire, use, provide and set aside personal information within the necessary range of our business.

2. Appropriate management of personal information

iQ shall place strict control on personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent risks, such as, unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

3. Adherence to laws, regulations and standards

iQ shall comply with laws and regulation for personal information, guideline established by the government and other standards related to personal information protection law and our company businesses.

4. Response to complaints and consultation

iQ shall clearly specify the contact information for the complaint and consultation on our website and others for any comments or complaints to personal information iQ handles, and iQ shall response to them appropriately.

5. Continuous improvement of management system for privacy protection

iQ shall evaluate and review this "Privacy Policy" and related standards and management system, and improve them continuously with consideration of social circumstances.