Why conducting clinical trials in Asia?

- Benefits vs. conducting trials in each country

Asia at glance:


Fast enrolment can be achieved in Asian trial - Over 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia and sheer number of patients is available. Asian nations are also health-cautious, so that patients are enthusiastic in participating trials. In addition, the median time for regulatory approval has decreased drastically in many Asian countries over the last decade.

Cost with superior Quality:

Major trial sites with state-of-art facility are centralized in large cities and infrastructure to conduct multi-national trials has been established. In case of South Korea, detailed clinical trial guidelines by therapeutic area have been implemented ensuring data quality and patients’ safety. All trials are complied with ICH-GCP and data are generated in English. The high-quality data from study conduction can be submitted to FDA and EMEA.

Customizing your need:

However, each country has slightly different situations reflecting cultural differences within the region. With our local knowledge and experience, we can recommend you best trial sites from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan depending on your marketing plan/ therapeutic area/ timeline/ budget – please contact us

Our mission

i:Integrity, Innovation, Incubation
iQ' mission is to become your best Asian partner providing with flexible and high-quality services, added value to your projects by working together and meeting all needs - from your initial contact to us till the end of development process. Depending on your marketing plan/ therapeutic area/ timeline/ budgets, the workflow can be tailor-made to your study in the most effective way of conducting clinical study in Asia by integrating the sites - ensuring your satisfaction!

iQ Pharma Services Overview

iQ at a glance:

iQ is a joint company of intellim Corporation and QPS Holdings. Through close collaboration with two local CROs having our branches in South Korea and China, respectively, we are committed to provide successful full-service Asian trials in major countries - China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan under the same SOPs.

iQ Pharma Services teams:

Our teams at glance:

Our Goal & Passion:

Our team is dedicated to satisfy our clients’ needs based on ethical philosophy and rationality.

iQ staffs is dedicated to provide high standard clinical research services by following the SOPs in compliance with respective GCP guidelines in each country. Moreover, we provide the reliability on our conducting projects through the systematic management in clinical research and continuous improvements on quality as well as improving the competitiveness of developing products and contribute to human health.

Our team builds a cooperative system based on sincerity, consideration, and confidence.

iQ is composed of dedicated and highly motivated staffs with various background and experiences and we support each other to deliver best outcomes. Most of our staffs have worked in global companies including global pharmaceutical companies and global CROs, and experienced in various indications having with advance to business level of English.

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Our Leaders:

Dr. M. Iwasaki – President of iQ Pharma Services Corporation, vice-president of intellim Japan

Dr. Iwasaki has joined intellim as vice-president in 2009. Prior to joining intellim, he served various important roles in Japanese pharmaceutical companies, CROs and SMOs over the period of 30 years. He was also a director of Japan Association of Site Management Organizations. Dr. Iwasaki is a qualified pharmacist in Japan and received his PhD in Medical Science from TOHO University, Japan.

Mr. D. Hsu – Senior Director of Clinical Research Department at QPS Qualitix /Taiwan

Mr. Hsu joined QPS Qualitix as Director of the Clinical Research Department in 2011. Prior to joining QPS Qualitix, he served as Clinical Project Manager at several global CRO and pharmaceutical companies, where he was in charge of clinical research management and clinical project management for the Asia Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand). Mr. Hsu is a qualified pharmacist in Taiwan and received his Master’s Degree in Pharmacology from National Taiwan University.

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